S1 episode 3


Aired on July 8, 2015

After being shoved off the railing in Coney Island by Mr. Robot, Elliot wakes up in a hospital room, badly banged up. Krista, his psychiatrist, is inclined to send him to rehab unless he’s willing to be regularly drug tested. Elliot complies, knowing that he can easily change the hospital records for the tests since he hacked their system long ago. 

Mr. Robot shows up at Allsafe to convince Elliot to speak to him. Mr. Robot apologizes for acting out against Elliot and explains there is no plan without Elliot. But Elliot is done with Mr. Robot and fsociety and decides instead that it’s time for him to lead a “normal” life. He asks Shayla to be his girlfriend and accepts a dinner invitation with his fellow co-workers at Gideon’s apartment. 

Tyrell Wellick’s hopes for ascension are temporarily dashed when his much anticipated meeting to pitch Evil Corp’s CEO about becoming Colby’s replacement is postponed. Making matters worse, the CEO tells him he’s got a stellar CTO candidate on the hook. Not one to be so easily deterred, that night Tyrell lures the CEO’s assistant, Anwar, into a tryst in order to gain access to his smartphone to get the intel on the prospective CTO. Just as ambitious as her husband and seemingly aligned with his unorthodox tactics, Tyrell’s pregnant wife, Joanna, helps him plot his next move. 

Ollie has been given an ultimatum from the mysterious hacker who has been spying on his online activity: if he doesn’t infect Allsafe’s servers, his dirty secrets, along with compromising images and sensitive information about Angela, will be sold. When Ollie comes clean with Angela, including about his affair with Stella, her first reaction is to break up with him and implores him to do what the hacker instructed. But doing so would jeopardize both of their jobs, which neither of them can afford to lose. Now what? 

At Gideon’s dinner party, Elliot makes a valiant effort to act “normal” until he gets a breaking news alert about Evil Corp and turns on the TV. The hackers have released emails that reveal that Terry Colby was among other high level executives involved in the cover up of a Washington Township toxic waste leak in 1993 that was linked to 26 employees, including Elliot’s father and Angela’s mother, dying of leukemia two years later. Elliot walks out the door without a word and heads to fsociety. The hackers, including Mr. Robot, watch him as he takes out his laptop and connects it. He’s ready to execute the next phase of the plan.