S1 episode 2


Aired on July 1, 2015

Tyrell Wellick, now Evil Corp’s acting CTO since Elliot helped get Terry Colby arrested, makes Elliot an offer he can (and does) refuse: a position as Evil Corp’s head of Cyber Security and a big bank account to match. By saying no, has Elliot made himself a mark for Wellick? 

Back at work, everyone is still in shock that Terry Colby was arrested. Elliot anxiously waits for Mr. Robot to contact him again until Gideon shows him fsociety’s video demanding that their “leader,” Terry Colby, be released and that all people get released from their debt in addition to Evil Corp dissolving their company and donating all their assets to charities around the world. If their demands aren’t met, they will dump terabytes worth of emails and files that they acquired during the breach, none of which makes any sense to Elliot. None of that was part of the plan. Was he just a pawn in Mr. Robot’s scheme? 

Just when he has decided that he needs to cut off all ties with fsociety, Elliot finds Darlene, one of the fsociety hackers, in his apartment. She takes him back to their HQ in Coney Island, where Mr. Robot shares the next part of the plan: to blow up a natural gas plant in Albany that’s right next to Steel Mountain, the offsite data storage operation for every corporation in the SMP including Evil Corp. Elliot refuses to participate—he’s not killing anyone—but Mr. Robot says if he walks out the door, then he has made his choice to do nothing, just like his father did, and he will no longer be a part of the revolution. 

Meanwhile, Shayla’s drug supplier, Fernando Vera, who’s also the source of Elliot’s precious morphine and suboxone (a withdrawal med that Elliot takes as a precaution against becoming addicted) has started taken advantage of Shayla’s financial dependence on him. Despite Elliot’s urging, Shayla refuses to turn him in. Elliot has a stake in this game too, because (though he can deny it all he wants) he needs those drugs, and he can’t let Fernando keep drugging and raping Shayla. 

Suddenly Elliot feels like his choices are non-choices. But can he get past his feelings of helplessness and anger to figure out a way to do something on terms he can live with?