Season 4 episodes

S4 EP13
We'll Always Have Homicide
Three years after Judge Natalie Rodman’s killer gets away, evidence in a new homicide suggests the killer may have resurfaced. The whole team reunites to finally closing the case.
S4 EP12
Chronology of Pain
After an explosion at a high-profile judge’s home kills Angie’s mentor, the team hunts for a sophisticated killer, who is an expert at covering their tracks.
S4 EP11
Natural Selection
The team investigates the death of a costumed woman who appears to have been killed with a medieval weapon.
S4 EP10
In Plain Sight
When the team investigates the homicide of a young woman who’s been nail-gunned to death, they discover the truth is stranger than fiction.
S4 EP9
Remains To Be Seen
The murder of a visionary video game designer sends the team on a hunt through the past to find a killer.
S4 EP8
Foreign Relations
When the murder of a British politician’s son, draws the attention of Interpol, Angie finds herself navigating a new working relationship with an international Agent.
S4 EP7
The Dead Hand
A soldier with a bomb takes the bullpen hostage, demanding justice for her son. Angie stays with the increasingly desperate mother as the rest of the team reinvestigates the son’s case.
S4 EP6
The team’s investigation into the murder of a suburban mom takes a drastic turn when the victim’s ill child is abducted.
S4 EP5
The Scorpion and The Frog
A gruesome murder with the same signature as one of Paula’s previous homicide cases could mean an innocent woman was convicted of a crime she didn’t commit.
S4 EP4
The Score
Angie and Paula find their personal boundaries tested when investigating the murder of an ex-con. Meanwhile, Vega also addresses boundary issues of his own with both Dr. Rogers and Lucas.
S4 EP3
Index Case
Angie and the team race against time to snag a killer who is inadvertently spreading a deadly pathogen across the city.
S4 EP2
The Dead Name
Angie temporarily steps in as Staff Sergeant as she investigates the murder of a football player’s wife.
S4 EP1
The Vanishing Policeman
Angie and newly minted Staff Sergeant Vega must adjust on the fly to their changed working dynamic, while dealing with the added pressure of bringing a cop killer to justice.