The Dead Name
S4 episode 2 Aired on July 10, 2016

Warning: Contains Spoilers

Victim: Avery Bowman, wife of a star football player

Killer: Courtney Misener, a baker and caterer

The Discovery: Det. Angie Flynn arrives at the scene of single car collision to find Dr. Betty Rogers explaining to Det. Mitch Kinecki that he isn’t allowed to touch the body until she clears it, and for good reason in this case: the victim shows signs that she was dead before the crash.

Down the road from the car, detectives find a rag soaked in peanut oil and an unused epi pen. Angie learns why Kinecki came -- the victim is married to BC Furies star player Russell Bowman. He’s a fan.

The Investigation: They talk to Russell’s longtime friend, and live-in moocher Gary Camper, who says Avery wasn’t a typical trophy wife. Though gorgeous, she was thoughtful, private, and philanthropic.

They find calls to the Crestwood Hotel in Avery’s phone and learn she was meeting with someone named “Theodore Stark.” Kinecki goes to the hotel and comes back with a vague sketch, thinking he’s cracked the case. He also interviews Courtney Misener, who catered a recent fundraiser at the Bowmans.

Angie and Kinecki meet with a publicist Avery contacted, an expert in damage control. Avery claimed to have something “bigger than a sex tape” and she felt compelled to go public.

Dr. Rogers completes her autopsy and has startling news: Avery was transgender.

Angie talks to Russell again. He not only knew his wife was transgender, but even turned down lucrative endorsement deals with companies that didn’t support LGBTQ rights out of deference to her.

Det. Brian Lucas learns that Avery withdrew $20,000 in cash from her charity’s account and another $20,000 from a credit card, both times that coincide with her hotel visits. Angie re-interviews Russell and asks him about the blackmail, but Kinecki hijacks the interview, mentioning Theodore Stark. Russell ends the interview.

The detectives can’t find background on Avery, then Lucas finds a baby girl named Avery who died at one year old from the same town where Courtney’s bakery is located. They make the connection from the stolen identity to Courtney and learn that Courtney was widowed three months after her wedding to Andrew, and a short time later “Avery” was born.

In a rare moment of introspection, Kinecki blames himself for not making the link after talking to Courtney. Then he Kineckis-out and blames Angie, saying he was intimidated and trying to impress her. He still has a ways to go.

Someone is also blackmailing Courtney Misener, even after Avery’s death. After the latest demand, she puts a GPS tracker in a bag with the cash and takes it to a hotel room, then follows the man who picks it up.

Lucas goes back to the hotel to follow up on the blackmail angle and learns that Gary Camper checked in that morning and he met Courtney. Angie and Kinecki go to Russell’s house to arrest Gary, but find him dead inside – Courtney got to him first.

Backstory: While catering a fundraiser, Courtney made herself at home in the Bowman house, distressing Avery with her lack of boundaries. Later, Avery tries to give Courtney money and tell her good-bye, saying she doesn’t think having Courtney back in her life is going to work.

The Motive: Avery and Courtney realize they’re both being blackmailed. Avery wants to go public, but Courtney is against it, so Avery pays the blackmailer for both of them. But when the blackmailer wants more money, Avery resolves to go public despite what Courtney wants.

Courtney gets Avery to meet her on the deserted road and tries to explain that the insurance company will want Andrew’s $1 million life insurance policy back. Courtney doesn’t want everyone to know she helped her former husband fake his death. She rubs her hands in peanut oil then on Avery’s face and Avery begins to go into anaphylaxis. When Avery reaches for her epi pen, Courtney grabs it and throws it away. Avery manages to get in her car and drive off, but doesn’t make it far.

The Wrap-Up: They later find in Gary’s emails that he didn’t even know Avery was transgender, he thought Avery and Courtney were having an affair. Russell asks Angie to wait in announcing Avery was transgender because he’s planning to hold a press conference, following Avery’s wishes. Kinecki apologizes for accusing Russell of murdering his wife – then asks for an autograph. Good ol’ Kinecki.