S3 episode 10 Aired on June 5, 2016

Warning: Contains Spoilers

Motive Case Report #310

Killer: Ashley Kirkwell, former owner of the burlesque club Purgatory and convicted felon

Victim: Dr. Lucy Everhill, co-owner of a plastic surgery clinic

The Discovery: Lucy is slashed to ribbons on an operating table in her own clinic. Dr. Betty Rogers says the weirdest part is that some of deep slices on her body might have been self-inflicted. As she and Det. Brian Lucas are assessing the crime scene, they get word that there’s a suspect in the building. Det. Angie Flynn finds Dr. Garrison Osgood, Lucy’s business partner, covered in blood and babbling about “Purgatory.” Osgood starts vomiting and keels over.

The Investigation: Det. Oscar Vega talks to Ashley Kirkwell outside the building. She gives a false name and claims to just be passing by. Vega notices the left side of her face is badly scarred but lets her go.

Dr. Rogers finds that Osgood smoked a cigar laced with PCP and Lucy overdosed on the fumes. It made them both nuts and caused her to cut herself.

In talking to their lawyer Charles Costello, the detectives find the two business partners had been on the verge of expanding their practice, but were keeping it secret because Lucy was planning to file for divorce and he didn’t want to share future profits.

As they look into Osgood’s history, they find that he was accused of malpractice and they wonder how he got the start-up money for his clinic. Patient billing records lead them to Jason Irwin, a strip club owner and Ashley’s former business partner. The records show Osgood performed plastic surgery on dancers at the club, but one of them tells Angie the women don’t exist. It’s a money laundering scheme.

After the cops leave, Jason calls Charles. But Ashley has dropped by Charles’ place and goes to meet Jason instead. Later, Angie and Oscar find Jason’s car, with Jason dead inside. He is shot once in the leg, they think to make him talk, and once in the head. A witness saw a woman.

Dr. Rogers tells Vega that the prints found on Jason’s van don’t have any fingerprints at all. Vega remembers Ashley’s burns. They find a record of a fire at Jason’s old club five years ago when it was known as Purgatory and Angie links the name to Osgood’s dying words. They work to ID the burned woman Vega talk to at the murder scene.

Angie and Vega head to the club, where Ashley has tied Charles to a chair inside and is dousing him with gasoline. Vega confronts her. She drops the lighter and smiles as Charles screams and burns. Vega manages to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher, saving Charles’ life.

Background: Lucas finds charges for panel vans on Osgood’s credit card five years ago at four different companies. He narrows down the area where the vans were used to a chemical storage warehouse. They realize the group was manufacturing E. Brian IDs Ashley Kirkwell by looking at known drug offenders and they learn her record.

The Motive: Ashley spent five years in prison, she got out on parole a week ago. She took the fall for her partners Jason Irwin, Charles Costella and Garrison Osgood. Five years ago, Osgood was manufacturing E and Charles connected him with Jason and Ashley, who sold it at Purgatory. Ashley was in love with Osgood. When she goes to him after being released, he has moved on. She is enraged and gets the idea to lace his cigar.

After torturing Jason for information, Ashley turns on Charles after learning he set the explosion that burned her face. Haven taken out the three men who wronged her, Ashley shows no remorse.   

Side Investigation: Angie has a sketch drawn of the man she saw lurking by her car after realizing she’d seen him following her before. Meanwhile, Henry Guenther tells Neville Montgomery that he’s checked out everyone in the company except his son Robert or his fiancée Maria Snow.

Neville and Henry confront Robert after finding USB drives with recordings of them talking. They force him to quit. Maria turns in her resignation as well, but instead of accepting, Neville makes her his new vice president.

Vega is doubting himself, possibly as a result of his illness. Angie encourages him to talk to someone, if not her. They share a drink and seem to be getting back on good footing.