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Angie Flynn

Played by Kristin Lehman

Character Bio

A single mom, Angie lives with her teenage son, Manny, in a rented house in a neighborhood that’s seen better days. She drives a “classic” Oldsmobile Hurst... no CD player, no Bluetooth, and the shocks went out with the last administration. But it runs, and it’s paid for. Angie’s life may not be easy, but it’s her own... and she lives it on her terms. That makes her a good mom, also makes her a great homicide detective. With Angie, what you see is what you get. The problem is most people underestimate her. Big mistake. Angie’s got almost a sixth sense when it comes to bullshit. She knows when a perp is lying. She can smell when something’s not right. When her superiors get on her ass about following procedure and sticking to the rules, Angie doesn’t listen. Experience has taught her to ignore the party line and pay attention to that nagging feeling in her gut instead. The hard knocks of Angie’s life have only made her tougher, more resilient, and more determined not to give up. She made up her mind to learn from every mistake, every bad relationship, and every lousy job. Angie barrels through investigations like a semi-truck, impulsively saying whatever comes to her mind to whomever she’s speaking to. Some people are offended by her flame-throwing style, others appreciate it, but either way it throws suspects off guard. While Angie may be blunt, she’s also caring... a dangerous combination for a criminal desperately trying to hide the truth of their crime.

Actor Bio

Kristin Lehman is a familiar face to audiences for her leading series regular roles on numerous dramas throughout her career, including AMC’s critically acclaimed The Killing, Fox’s Drive, Killer Instinct, ESPN’s Tilt, CBC’s Century City and Judging Amy, and ABC’s Strange World, in addition to guest star and recurring roles on The Firm, Castle, Felicity, Kevin Hill and The X-Files, to name just a few.


Lehman’s feature credit’s include: The Sentinel opposite Michael Douglas and Kiefer Sutherland; The Chronicles of Riddick starring Vin Diesel and Dame Judi Dench; The Way of the Gun with Benicio Del Toro and Ryan Phillipe; Dog Park with Luke Wilson; Alaska with Thora Birch, Vincent Kartheiser and Charlton Heston and more recently Arthur Newman, with Colin Firth and Emily Blunt; and 2015’s highly anticipated thriller The Loft, opposite James Marsden, Karl Urban and Wentworth Miller.


In addition to her work on film, Lehman is also the Creator and Editor of the groundbreaking website, which represents a major contribution to Canada’s cultural scene. It’s a lifestyle website that showcases and celebrates artful Canadians. A place for explorers – for artists, creative and people who love to discover.

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