Season 1 episodes

S1 EP20
IT Couple in LA
Aired on 08/27/2019
Available until 10/02/2019
Mike surprises Maryse with a trip down memory lane to LA, but Maryse has a surprise of her own.
S1 EP19
French Invasion
Aired on 08/20/2019
Available until 10/02/2019
Maryse’s family visits Austin. Being overly-competitive, Mike loses Maryse’s title in a bet.
S1 EP18
Renaissance Miz
Aired on 08/13/2019
Available until 10/02/2019
Mike drags Maryse to a Renaissance Faire to be treated like royalty. The Mizanins battle a snake.
S1 EP17
Heel No More
Aired on 08/06/2019
Available until 10/02/2019
Mike struggles with his new “good guy” image in the WWE. Maryse wants Mike to be a better listener.
S1 EP16
Miz Proofing
Aired on 07/30/2019
Available until 10/02/2019
Mike puts Monroe through crawling boot camp, then goes overboard when baby-proofing Castle Marmiz.
S1 EP15
Cheese Wheel of Miz-fortune
Aired on 07/23/2019
Available until 10/02/2019
Mike and Maryse host a dinner party for a famous chef. An impulse purchase blows up in Mike’s face.
S1 EP14
Miz Fest
Aired on 05/21/2019
Available until 10/16/2019
Maryse plans a surprise birthday bash for Mike. The Miz struggles to get rid of his new "dad bod."
S1 EP13
Miz's First Pitch
Aired on 05/14/2019
Available until 10/16/2019
Mike and Marjo post embarrassing online videos of each other. Maryse returns to the WWE ring.
S1 EP12
It's a Miz-tery
Aired on 05/07/2019
Available until 10/16/2019
Mike plays detective when he suspects Maryse is hiding a secret. Maryse helps Mike learn French.
S1 EP11
Three Dudes and a Baby
Aired on 04/30/2019
Available until 10/16/2019
Mike, Dolph Ziggler, and Ryan Cabrera must take care of baby Monroe after a rowdy boys' night.
S1 EP10
Shop 'Til You Draft
Aired on 04/23/2019
Available until 10/16/2019
Mike runs errands with Monroe while trying to do his fantasy football drafts at the same time.
S1 EP9
Miz & Maryse Alone Time
Aired on 04/16/2019
Available until 10/16/2019
Mike and Maryse move Monroe into her crib so they can get some sleep and revive their sex life.
S1 EP8
Mr. Mizanin's Neighborhood
Aired on 04/09/2019
Available until 10/16/2019
Mike and Maryse get in trouble with their new neighbors and have to make amends the Mizanin way.
S1 EP7
Baby's First SummerSlam
Aired on 04/02/2019
Available until 10/16/2019
Mike and Maryse take Monroe to SummerSlam and Mike gets an embarrassing tan.
S1 EP6
Cowboy Miz
Aired on 08/28/2018
Available until 10/16/2019
Mike and Maryse trade designer shoes for cowboy boots as they embrace their new life in Texas.
S1 EP5
Road Trip Mania
Aired on 08/21/2018
Available until 10/16/2019
Mike, Maryse, Monroe, Marjo, and four pets make the move from LA to Austin. What could go wrong?
S1 EP4
Proud Papa
Aired on 08/14/2018
Available until 10/16/2019
The big day arrives! But can Maryse convince her mom that the delivery room will be off limits?
S1 EP3
Certified Superdad
Aired on 08/07/2018
Available until 10/16/2019
When Daddy Mike and The Miz’s worlds collide, mother-in-law Marjo steps in to daddy duties.
S1 EP2
Miz Takes the Cake
Aired on 07/31/2018
Available until 10/16/2019
Mike pays in more ways than one as Maryse plans a spectacular – and expensive – baby shower.
S1 EP1
A Simple Mizunderstanding
Aired on 07/24/2018
Available until 10/16/2019
Welcome to the world of Mike and Maryse. The WWE Superstars prep for the birth of their first baby.