Season 2 episodes

S2 EP4
A Star Isn't Born
Aired on 02/19/2020
Available until 09/10/2020
Maryse teaches Mike how pregnancy feels. Mike tries to land a song on Ryan Cabrera’s new album.
S2 EP3
Baby Gender Miztery
Aired on 02/12/2020
Available until 09/10/2020
Mike and Maryse host baby number 2's gender reveal party while George seeks his 15 minutes of fame.
S2 EP2
Miz Little Lies
Aired on 02/05/2020
Available until 09/10/2020
As the IT family moves back to LA, Mike and Maryse must unpack their things, as well as the truth.
S2 EP1
Monroe's First WrestleMania
Aired on 01/29/2020
Available until 09/10/2020
Mike and Maryse celebrate Monroe’s first birthday at WrestleMania, and try to sneak in alone time.