Baby Gender Miztery
S2 episode 3 Aired on February 12, 2020

Impatient Miz

Maryse is pregnant and Mike is itching to know the sex of the baby because he not-so-secretly is hoping for a boy. After a visit to the OBGYN, Maryse decides that she wants to have a gender reveal party, which only means more waiting for Mike. To make matters worse, she tells her sister what the baby’s sex is and swears her to secrecy. Mike is tormented knowing that multiple people know and he doesn’t. So, he decides to do some sleuthing to see if he can get to the bottom of this mystery. He steals the envelope that Maryse gave her sister, which has the sex information inside. Using his very technical detective skills, he holds the envelope over a boiling kettle to see if he can open it without too much mess. But unfortunately, he gets caught by his niece who takes a bribe and makes him return the envelope to its hiding place. Foiled again.

Mr. Miz

George Mizanin is on a high after his appearance in the Wrestlemania ring, and he wants to make the most out of his newfound celebrity status. He decides to make his own mini-press tour by going on podcasts, making merch with his face on it, and holding a meet-and-greet. Mike is shocked at how much his dad is milking his 5 minutes of fame, but at the same time he doesn’t want to see him be let down. So Mike shares the news about his meet-and-greet, and to his surprise, lots of people show up. The event ends up being a huge success that leaves George happy and Mike proud of his dad. 

The Big Reveal

Mike makes one last attempt to learn the sex of the baby before the gender reveal party. He steals one of the confetti cannons so that he can pop it before the party and see what color is inside. He and fellow superstar Dolph Ziggler sneak away to open it, but as karma will have it, Mike pops the cannon right on a very… sensitive area on his body. But Maryse outsmarts him once again; the cannon Mike popped is full of yellow slips of paper that read “You’re busted, Mike.” When Maryse knows, she knows. In the end, the party goes on without a hitch and the Mizanins reveal that they are having another girl. Get ready for big sisterhood, Monroe!