Miz & Maryse Alone Time
S1 episode 9 Aired on April 16, 2019

Slumber Party

Mike and Maryse have sleeping troubles when their bedroom turns into a common area. With Monroe, Pumpkin, and Mocha all sleeping next to them, it’s nearly impossible for these superstars to get their beauty sleep on, or get anything else on for that matter. Having a baby nearly kills their sex life, but Marjo knows just how to help. When she offers to babysit Monroe for a day, Mike and Maryse finally get the space they need for an awesome main event.

The Handyman Can

Things are shaping up at Castle Marmiz, but there are still a few minor areas that need fixing. Mike is convinced that he can fix everything himself, but his confidence only gets him so far. After his shelf and garbage disposal break, Mike finally lets Maryse call a handyman to do the fixing for them. She wastes no time reminding Mike that she told him so.

Finally! Some Alone Time!

Mike’s loss turns out not to be too devastating however, because he finds other ways to use his newfound free time. After all, that the best action doesn’t always happen inside the ring and Mike and Maryse finally get some alone time – twice!