Proud Papa
S1 episode 4 Aired on August 14, 2018

The big day arrives! But can Maryse convince her mom that the delivery room will be off limits?

Mike creates a custom outfit with multiple cameras to record Maryse’s impending C-section. While Maryse thinks Mike looks “ridiculous”, she realizes this is Mike’s solution to a difficult problem: Neither Mike nor Maryse knows how to tell Maryse’s mother, Marjo, they don't want her in the delivery room during the birth. After Maryse finally shares her feelings with her mother over lunch, Marjo accepts and emphasizes that she just wants her daughter to be happy.

Meanwhile, Mike enjoys an unprecedented level of superstardom – but still has daddy issues of his own to deal with: His father, George, is an unabashed supporter of The Rock. Even more frustrating for Mike, George sometimes has difficulty expressing how proud he is of his son.

Soon after Mike gives Maryse a special ring engraved with their daughter’s name, Maryse and Mike head to the doctor. Turns out Maryse’s water broke ahead of schedule, and they’re having a baby RIGHT NOW!

Welcome, baby Monroe!