IT Couple in LA
S1 episode 20 Aired on August 27, 2019

La La Land

Mike and Maryse both miss LA, but neither of them want to admit that to the other person. Mike has the perfect plan: Take Maryse to LA with him for SummerSlam, show her how great their lives were, and then get her to suggest moving back. Little does he know that she’s already onboard, but who doesn’t love a fancy trip to LA?

Swing and a Miz

Sadly, this "fancy trip" takes a million wrong turns and ends up being a hassle instead of time to relax. First, the airline loses Maryse’s bags ... then their hotel is very noisy due to construction ... then they sit in a lot of traffic ... then Maryse rips her new jumpsuit ... and then to top it all off, their Ferrari gets towed. Luckily, Maryse’s best friend, Amanda, comes to their rescue and they all go out to dinner at one of Maryse’s favorite restaurants. She orders the same truffle mushrooms she was craving when she was pregnant, but this time, Mike doesn’t put up a fight -- because his plan to show Maryse a good time in LA has failed.

There’s Always a Twist

But not all hope is lost. Maryse had been game to move the whole time, remember? Before they leave LA, they decide they want to move back -- and that’s not the only big surprise in store for the Mizanins. Back in Austin, Maryse takes Mike to the restaurant where he tried to surprise her when he thought she was pregnant. She reveals that this time, it’s for real. They’re having another baby! The future is bright for the Mizanin family. All signs point to AWESOME!