French Invasion
S1 episode 19 Aired on August 20, 2019

Mike the Gamer

When Maryse’s entire family visits from Montreal, Mike tries to earn the title of Best Uncle by playing video games with his nieces and nephews. But, Mike’s hyper competitiveness gets the best of him, again, and he refuses to let the kids beat him. This competitiveness leads him to some regrettable decisions when he bets his WWE titles on video games against Xavier Woods. After losing twice, Mike tries to rematch Xavier so he can regain his titles, but Xavier ups the ante. They bet on Mike’s MLB All-Star MVP Trophy and Maryse’s WWE Diva’s Champion title, and Mike loses both. Someone’s got some serious apologizing to do.

Give Em the Old Razzle Bedazzle

Mike, still trying to win over his nieces and nephews, comes home to a special surprise from his niece Alexia: she bedazzled his wrestling shoes! And they needed a touch up because, according to Maryse, they did not smell as nice as they looked. Although Mike is hesitant at first (they’re his only wrestling shoes after all), he eventually gives in and shows up to the ring looking awesome.

Over-Confident, Under-Performing

Mike challenges Xavier to another round of Street Fighter, and he is so sure that he will win, he decides to go double or nothing on the last round. He loses, again, and must bestow Maryse’s belt to Xavier. Maryse eventually gets it back by striking a deal; Xavier will give back the titles if Mike lets the kids beat him in Street Fighter. He does, which only builds on the losing streak from earlier in the day. Mike took the family to a stunt ranch and lost every activity. But when he and his parents pulled a prank on Maryse’s family and them all fall during tug-of-war, Mike learned a valuable lesson: losing can be very entertaining.