Renaissance Miz
S1 episode 18 Aired on August 13, 2019

Potty Mouth

The Mizanins are an expressive family, but sometimes they get a little carried away. They realize they all swear too much in front of baby Monroe, so Mike implements a system where any time someone swears, they have to do ten burpees. Suddenly, swearing never looked so torturous.

A Hero and A Homemaker

The Miz may be a superstar in the ring, but at home, he’s just an ordinary dad and husband with the same responsibilities as everyone else: fixing appliances, being the family photographer, and taking care of his garden. One day while working in the yard, the Miz spots a snake, and although he is terrified, Maryse thinks it’s cute. She captures the snake, much to Mike’s dismay, and takes it with them to the surprise location Mike has chosen. After losing- er, misplacing- the snake in the car ride over, Maryse finally releases it into the wild, and the two head out on their surprise adventure.

The Renaissance of Renaissance Fairs

Surprise! Mike’s big gift to Maryse is taking her to a renaissance fair in Austin. He has a blast, eating turkey legs, dressing up in medieval gear, and screaming huzzah every ten minutes. But Maryse on the other hand, isn’t too thrilled. Mike realizes that this trip, that was supposed to be a gift for Maryse, ends up being more of a gift for himself. He makes it up to her by taking her to a vineyard, via a private helicopter ride, and finally snapping a good photo. Looks like old dogs can learn new tricks!