Cheese Wheel of Miz-Fortune
S1 episode 15 Aired on July 23, 2019


What’s Cookin Good Lookin’? 

When Mike and Maryse host professional chef Robert Irvine for dinner, the competition for who can make the tastiest dish is on. Maryse wants to make this meal extra special, so she splurges and buys a huge $900 wheel of cheese. What seemed like a good idea in the store turns out to be quite a burden at home because Bertha, the 72-pound cheese wheel, refuses to fit into their refrigerator.  

To make matters even worse, it is nearly impossible to slice the cheese, but luckily Mike has the perfect tool for the job: his buzzsaw! Why else would anyone have a buzzsaw it not to slice a massive hunk of cheese?  

Wires and Cables and Remotes, Oh My! 

Meanwhile, the moms are trying to relax and watch TV, but can’t get any of the electronics to work. Mike tries to teach them how to use everything, so they can stop bugging him about it, but quickly becomes just as confused as everyone else. So much for a teachable moment. 


Bon Appetit! 

Finally, the big dinner comes. Mike decides to smoke the cheese in a small grill while he and Maryse prep dinner for Robert. Being as competitive as he is, Mike wants to win. But, being as clueless in the kitchen as he is, he knows he has no chance. So, right before he and Maryse present their dishes, Mike swaps the two of them so that he can present the tastier one. But a cheater never wins, and he’s caught in the act by his friend Ryan Cabrera. What’s worse is that he ends up burning the big hunk of cheese in the oven! In the end, the gang has a lovely dinner and Robert thanks his hosts with a thoughtful present: Bertha’s cousin, another huge wheel of cheese!