Miz Fest
S1 episode 14 Aired on May 21, 2019

Birthday Boy 

It’s the Miz’s birthday! Maryse pulls out all the stops for this one, but her plans are a total surprise to Mike. He thinks they’re going to have dinner and a quiet night in -- he has no idea that Maryse invited all of his friends from home to celebrate. Earlier that day, Mike made an internet list for the “Top 10 Dad Bods,” so Maryse teases him by buying him a compression shirt and a personal training session for his birthday. Little does he know, all of this is just a ploy to get him out of the house while his friends file in. 


A Fest for the Best 

Mike returns from his personal training session without anyone noticing that he’s home. He hops in the shower, and his guests hide, expecting him to walk through the front door at any moment. When the door opens, everyone pops out giving the perfect surprise -- not to Mike, but to the contractor. Moments later, Mike enters, not expecting anyone else to be in his house, wearing only his underwear! He quickly changes, and the festivities begin. Maryse resurrects an old birthday tradition called “Miz Fest,” and the gang gets in a party bus and heads for a night out on the town. 


Rockabye Baby 

Even though they’re out and having fun, Mike and Maryse still worry about leaving baby Monroe at home under the supervision of Mike’s dad, George. They give him a call, and everything seems to be going fine, until later in the evening, when they run into George at a bar! After a few moments of panic, they realize Marjo left the party early and is watching Monroe herself. The gang gets back to celebrating, and Mike enjoys the rest of his 38th birthday party. That’s one awesome night!