Miz's First Pitch
S1 episode 13 Aired on May 14, 2019

Working on Her Fitness 

Being a working mother is hard, especially when you’re a professional wrestler! Because of her busy schedule, Maryse takes any opportunity to work out, including while waiting for Mike at Smackdown. She even gets Marjo and her mother-in-law involved by doing 80s workout videos at home to entertain Monroe. By the time Hell in the Cell comes around, the “It” couple is back and more toned than ever, easily claiming a victory! 



After Mike posts a video to Instagram of Marjo plunging a clogged toilet, Marjo realizes she needs to up her IG game. Maryse helps by directing a photoshoot where Marjo takes duck-lip selfies in bathing suit by the pool. It’s all fun and games until Marjo starts making fun of Mike by dressing up as him and using his catchphrases. It gets even worse when Dolph Ziggler eggs her on by liking her photos and direct-messaging her. Will no one stand up to this social media sabotage? 


The First Pitch 

Mike is asked to throw the first pitch at a Cleveland Indian’s game, and he couldn’t be more excited! After a few practice sessions with his dad, he heads to Cleveland with his friends. When it’s finally his turn to take the mound, Mike throws one awesome curveball that veers slightly off center, which Marjo quickly calls out on Instagram. When Mike gets home, he decides to get back at her with a prank of his own. He places a huge ghost butler in her room that scares her when she wakes up. Mike gets the perfect payback video up until the very end when Marjo pranks him back by pretending to fall and hurt herself! ToucheMarjotouche!