It's a Miz-tery
S1 episode 12 Aired on May 7, 2019

Je M'appelle Mike 

Being the good husband and father he is, Mike tries to learn French so that he can speak it with Maryse and eventually Monroe. But he quickly realizes it’s much harder than he expected. How do you say, bad student in French? Still, Maryse appreciates the gesture and returns in kind with some extra TLC for Mike. She cooks him breakfast, drives him to the airport, and even helps him build his vocabulary. J’adore! 


What’s the Real Deal? 

But all this extra kindness has Mike a little perplexed. He realizes there must be some reason that Maryse is being nice, so he puts on his sleuthing cap and does some digging. When he’s away in Texas, he listens in on a conversation between Marjo and Maryse through his in-home cameras, and he hears Maryse say the word “pregnant” in French. Then he starts putting two and two together. Maryse must be pregnant! Mike then decides he wants to surprise her with a big celebration. 



When Mike returns home, he and Maryse go out for a romantic dinner. There, he surprises Maryse with a cake, a mariachi band, and lots and lots of confetti But, then comes the biggest surprise of all: Maryse inot pregnant! Mike misheard her in the video and thought she said “pregnant” but what she really said was “old.” A classic mix-up! Despite Mike’s momentary embarrassment, he and Maryse still have a great dinner, with a nice side dish of confetti.