Three Dudes and a Baby
S1 episode 11 Aired on April 30, 2019

Da Browns

There’s no denying that the Miz loves the Cleveland Browns. So when they have a chance to win for the first time in over two years, he pulls out all the stops. His friends Ryan Cabrera and Dolph Ziggler join Mike at the Castle Marmiz and then celebrate with a “victory fridge” that unchains lots of beer when the Browns win. Although the boys get the victory they hoped for, they end up partying a little bit too hard, and wake up feeling worse for wear.

Hair, Body, Face

The next day, Maryse plans a spa getaway, which means Mike and his friends are on Daddy duty. Although they struggle a bit without Maryse’s knowledge, they eventually get the day started and take Monroe to her music class. The kids’ banging doesn’t exactly help the guys’ pounding headache situation, but they all still manage to have a good time.

Relaxation Nation

Maryse on the other hand, has a hard time feeling relaxed on her spa day because Mike forgets to return her calls. Once she’s finally at the end of her full-body massage, her phone rings and she flops off the massage table to answer it. And the worst part is, it wasn’t even Mike after all! Still, she had a great day getting pampered with her mom and best friend, and they find themselves getting a little tipsy by the end. The next morning, Mike, Maryse, and Monroe are all back home, and things start to feel a little calmer, until Mike shows Maryse how he learned to drum from Monroe’s class!