Shop 'Til You Draft
S1 episode 10 Aired on April 23, 2019

Diapers, Receipts, and Cardboard, oh my! 

Maryse is a modern woman, which means she knows that she never has to leave the house to get her shopping done. Mike, on the other hand, just wants to shop like everyone did in the good old days -- at the store! He and Maryse make a deal: Maryse won’t shop online for one week if Mike can buy everything they need. It seems easy enough for The Miz until he realizes that it’s the same week as his fantasy football draft, which means he won’t be able to go to Cleveland to do the draft with his high school friends.  

Marjo Takes a Dip 

At the Castle MarMiz, Marjo faces her own challenge when she tries to swim in the pool, but doesn’t know how! Much like her son-in-law, she’s a strategic thinker, and decides to buy a paddleboat so she can enjoy the pool without going in the water. 

Is It Drafty in Here? 

Although the Miz tries his best, he can’t split his attention between shopping for his family and choosing his picks for the fantasy football draft. So what does he do? Exactly what Maryse did and orders his groceries online. After some light reprimanding from Maryse, she forgives him. After all, he was just trying to be a good dad! In the end, Mike does go to Cleveland to visit his high school friends. It just goes to show, mother knows best!