Season 2 episodes

S2 EP8
Newlywed Shame
Aired on 09/10/2019
Available until 04/01/2020
Cracks appear in Nic and Savannah’s relationship. Chase struggles with Savannah’s engagement party.
S2 EP7
Boys Gone Wild
Aired on 09/10/2019
Available until 04/01/2020
Chase and Elliott get off the grid. Savannah's controlling tendencies push Nic away.
S2 EP6
Lifeguarding for Dummies
Aired on 09/03/2019
Available until 04/01/2020
Todd and Julie crash Savannah's NYC business trip. Chase and Elliott decide to become lifeguards.
S2 EP5
Aired on 09/04/2019
Available until 04/01/2020
Savannah and Nic worry about being parents. Meanwhile, Nanny's LA visit takes a strange turn.
S2 EP4
Can't Buy Me Love
Aired on 08/27/2019
Available until 04/01/2020
While Chase navigates the LA dating scene, Savannah struggles to cope with her shopping addiction.
S2 EP3
Peeping Todd
Todd investigates if Nic is living with Savannah. Elliott botches an order for Chase's candle line.
S2 EP2
Stressed for Success
Aired on 08/13/2019
Available until 04/01/2020
Chase rents the house for a photo shoot. Savannah's stress prompts an emergency visit from Todd.
S2 EP1
Going for Gold
Aired on 08/06/2019
Available until 04/01/2020
Chase must give his biggest acting performance yet and Savannah tackles unfinished business.