Newlywed Shame
S2 episode 8 Aired on September 10, 2019

With their engagement party approaching, Nic and Savannah have to face their relationship head on. They might not know each other as well as they think! Chase is on a mission to deliver the best entertainment for the engagement party!

Party Time! 

Blaine is throwing Savannah and Nic an engagement party—bringing the whole Chrisley clan out to L.A! The crew decides to play a game to see how well they all know their partners- leaving Nanny Faye and Chase to pair up!  Todd and Julie are a bit concerned after the game—Savannah and Nic answered all of their questions wrong. Nanny Faye isn’t worried, she thinks they should figure it out on their own! Todd and Julie buy Savannah marriage counseling books so her and Nic can iron out all their details before the big day. Nanny Faye isn’t so keen on these workbooks! She believes that if someone has time to write about marriage, it’s because they probably aren’t in one, and the true test of marriage is the desire to make it work! Savannah and Nic decide to comfort Todd and Julie’s concerns. They are ready for marriage and are going to figure it out on their terms! As much as Savannah and Nic love Todd and Julie’s advice, they have to do things their own way

The Entertainer

Chase is determined to help with Savannah and Nic’s engagement party! After much hesitation, Savannah finally agrees to let him arrange the entertainment. Chase knows he’s got to go big or else he won’t have a home—but he’s stuck on what to do! Elliot (the king of ideas) suggests acrobats; what could possibly go wrong? Chase shuts him down; he needs something that works last minute! Elliot then offers himself as entertainment—but Chase knows better than to let Elliot roast Savannah. Chase decides to take this journey on himself without his sidekick—this gesture has to come from the heart! Chase comes up with an emotional slide show to present to the party! It has baby pictures of Savannah and Nic, and their journey together. It’s such a success that Savannah even apologizes for doubting him and says that it was the best part of the party! 

The engagement party is a huge success—Savannah and Nic are surrounded by the people they love! The happy couple is one step closer to marriage with Chase as their third wheel!