Boys Gone Wild
S2 episode 7 Aired on September 10, 2019

Chase and Elliot are ready for a life changing experience- by unplugging from technology! While the dynamic duo is off on their adventure, Savannah has to face her fear too—she’s turning into Todd!

One With Nature

Chase and Elliot are bonding on another level—with their phones! Savannah suggests the two amigos unplug from their devices and just enjoy each other’s company. Elliot thinks the best way to do this is to go camping and to bond in nature! Chase and Elliot go shopping for supplies only to realize they have no clue what they actually need. When asking for help, Chase realizes being off the grid may be way harder than he thought- he didn’t even factor in the bears!  On the way to the camping site, Elliot and Chase have to overcome their first hurdle--a flat tire. Thankfully, and shockingly, Elliot actually knows how to change out for the spare. Chase does absolutely nothing to help because he doesn’t want to get his shoes dirty! When the duo gets to the camp grounds, Chase is still complaining! He seems surprised that there are bugs AND dirt in the outdoors. Chase decides being in nature is nice, he just prefers the backyard instead of the great outdoors. He also thinks he’s meant to stay on the grid! 

Mini Todd 

Savannah has the reins of life tightly in her hands- she loves control! She has her say with Nic’s teeth, his attire and wants him to be on the path to perfection. Blaine tries to bring Savannah back down to Earth- she can’t make life decisions for everyone! Savannah fails the first test when she decides to throw her friend M.C a Botox L.A welcome party! The only problem is M.C doesn’t know if she’s definitely down with injecting herself. Savannah tries to convince her by saying Nic will get Botox too—he just doesn’t know it yet. At the party, Nic refuses to get Botox (duh!) and declares he is sick of Savannah trying to change him! He gets so mad that he ends up leaving. Savannah targets her next victim in Chase—and he accuses her of turning into Todd! As much as they love their dad, they both agree he’s too controlling and opinionated. Savannah apologizes to Nic for trying to control his life; she knows she can be a control freak and she’s going to try and work on it! Nic accepts her apology, and says he likes that Savannah has strong opinions, but he doesn’t want to marry her dad!

Savannah and Nic are proving they can overcome anything life throws their way! Chase has his grasp on things too—as long as he’s also grasping his phone.