Lifeguarding for Dummies
S2 episode 6 Aired on September 3, 2019

Chase and Savannah always seem to find time to insult one another — even at the barbershop, where the siblings get haircuts. When a hair dresser suggests Chase get “scrotox” — use your own imaginations, or maybe don’t — Chase puts his foot down: He’s gotta leave Hollywood.

Beach Bums

Chase and Elliott are spending some hard-earned relaxation time on the beach. With Savannah headed out of town, Elliott plans to throw a party. The friends briefly negotiate pricing and envy the seemingly perfect lifeguard lifestyle: an easy job with ample authority, plenty of tanning, and lots of women.

Elliott wants to become a lifeguard immediately, but Chase is more realistic: Certification involves passing a series of tests. The friends work on their whistleblowing and swimming skills, though the line between work and play is blurry at best.

Chase then hires a private instructor to teach how to administer CPR. The friends give chest compressions to dummies and (barely) earn their certifications.

At the beach, Chase and Elliott continue to work on their lifeguard skills, with each alternating in the role of “distressed patient”. Though who plays the better victim is hardly worth debating, the duo face a new challenge when an instructor has them each run a mile with their gear in tow. Elliott inadvertently face-plants in the sand.

Finally, five minutes of kicks, additional high-knee exercises, and dolphin dives complete the checklist.

Chase and Elliott are finally certified — but only for shallow water pool parties. Watching over elementary school children doesn’t seem to provide the satisfaction the pair had initially envisioned.

Savannah Meets Her Parents in New York

Savannah meets Todd and Julie in New York for some family time. The loving daughter wants to show her parents around the city, but she also has work to attend to: approving packaging, assembling style guides. Todd and Julie decide to sit in … much to Savannah’s chagrin. Todd’s input proves to be a bit much.

Eventually, Todd and Julie let their daughter be and head to Central Park, where a tour guide leads a private bike ride. Todd can’t take a hint, despite Julie’s advice: He thinks his daughter needs his opinions.

Todd leaves Julie to “help” Savannah select fabrics. Savannah urges her father to find his wife — before she gets too upset, and uses her credit card to deal with her emotions.

A gorgeous trip to the Brooklyn Bridge seems to calm any growing tensions between Todd and Julie. The patriarch may struggle with the word “sorry”, but a selfie and a kiss ultimately add up to a successful visit.