S2 episode 5 Aired on September 3, 2019

Savannah and Nic worry about being parents. Meanwhile, Nanny's LA visit takes a strange turn.

Nanny Faye: Everyone’s Best Friend

Savannah isn’t happy with Chase’s clothes cleaning habits: At 22 years old, he needs to clean his clothes himself. Still, Chase is considerate enough to show his grandmother a good time when she comes to town. Not that Nanny Faye is looking for a particularly wholesome experience: Within five minutes, she’s talking about finding go-go dancers and happy hours.

Nanny Faye enjoys a huge fiesta of food with Chase and his friend, Elliott. But Elliott can’t spend too much time with the Chrisleys: Elliott works as a “Rent-a-Pal”, meaning that lonely people pay him to spend time with them. Nanny senses an opportunity for a huge payout and wants to join the service immediately.

Nanny Faye and Elliott fill out an online form that lists her hobbies (shooting dice and playing cards), age, and other personal details. Chase is embarrassed, but as Nanny Faye says, haters gonna hate.

Finally, Nanny Faye gets her first client: another grandmother. They’re two of a kind, both gamblers who likes the slots and blackjack. Nanny orders Chase to fetch drinks while she and her new friend plan to make trouble.

Elliott joins Chase and Nanny Faye for a hard-earned meal. Dessert comes in the form of Marie Antoinette’s cotton candy head, as well as sweets resembling a giant dollar bill and a fish hook. But Nanny’s phone keeps buzzing: She plans to meet more new friends.

The next morning, Nanny shows up in a bright pink “furry” costume, unaware of the associated implications. (“They’re inviting you over there to have sex,” Chase explains.) Nanny immediately quits and decides to hang with Chase instead.

Savannah and Nic’s Food Fight

Savannah unloads her Chase-related frustrations on her fianceé, Nic. But Nic wants to focus on a special guest who's coming over soon: Lucas, Nic’s nephew. Savannah couldn’t be more excited, sensing this is a good way to start training for parenthood.

Back at the house, Nic helps with meal prep — but Savannah isn’t happy with his food regiment. This leads to the couple’s first real fight about dietary discipline, with Chase and Nic ultimately siding against Savannah.

When Mailys and Adrien, Nic’s sister and brother-in-law, arrive, they go over grand rules for Lucas: naps, food, safety precautions. An excited Savannah tells and anxious Nic to take it easy, but Nic can't exactly calm down. Savannah tries to pacify the kid with cupcakes, but Nic doesn’t think added sugar is a great idea.

Savannah can’t believe how different she and Nic are when it comes to parenting styles. “Nic’s obviously going to be the helicopter parent,” Savannah says. “Me, not so much.”

Later, Savannah’s friend Blaine visits at work. Blaine reacts with horror when she hears about the cupcake debacle: “Nobody better come between me and a cupcake," she says. "I’ll eat his hand.”

Blaine suggests compromise as a means of personal growth between Savannah and Nic. Marriage is all about compromise, communication — and convincing your man to do what you want.

After Lucas returns to his parents, Nic sums up the main difference between himself and Savannah: “I like structure, you’re more free-spirited. We’re going to want to find a happy medium.”

Concludes Savannah: “We’re going to be fine.” They have plenty of time to decide about the types of cars, milk, and sports they want their kids to play in the future.