Can't Buy Me Love
S2 episode 4 Aired on August 27, 2019

Savannah finds herself stuck in a lie between her two loves - Nic and shopping! Chase decides to hop on the relationship bandwagon himself. The only problem is, he has no prospects – well except for Elliot.

Shop till you drop

Nic is in town, which means plenty of quality time – and shopping - with Savannah! Savannah can’t seem to stop spending money, she calls it research – after all her job is in fashion! Nic is more of a saver and doesn’t know how it’s even possible to spend that much money. Savannah is even balling out on kitchen supplies; the limit of her shopping does not exist! Savannah promises Nic (and Chase) she’ll cut back on the shopping and return some of the junk she bought. Her new vow lasts a day before she’s back on the shopping grind. In an attempt to fool Nic, she hides her new swag around the house. Nic finds shoes in the washing machine and addresses the problem head on – shoes belong in the closet! Savannah is embarrassed to admit that this is her flaw, but hey, it’s better that Nic sees it before they get married! The two love birds sit down and plan out a (hefty) budget. Savannah and Nic seem to have this compromise thing down pat!

The Love Connection

Seeing Savannah and Nic around the house makes Chase realize he’s ready for love – and not just from Elliot! The boys have tried to meet girls in the club, but they haven’t found their soulmates. Savannah tells Chase to read a self-help book, maybe that’ll give him the answer.  Elliot throws out the idea of an arranged marriage, but that doesn’t seem right. He tops himself by suggesting they use a matchmaker to help them find dates. Chase and Elliot meet with the matchmaker, and she does give them good advice. If Chase wants a girl like his mom, and his mom doesn’t go to the club, maybe he shouldn’t search for a girl there!  The big caveat with the matchmaker is that they’ll have to shell out $6,000. Even Savannah (the queen of shopping) thinks this is a steep price. Why can’t he just be a normal person and meet someone the old fashion way? Chase ultimately decides to hit up his high school crush and ask her out - maybe the 10th time is the charm. Surprisingly she agrees to go bowling with Chase.  The date goes so well they plan a second date. Chase wants to take her to dinner!

Now that Chase and Savannah have their love lives in order, they have to focus on keeping them intact!