Stressed For Success
S2 episode 2 Aired on August 13, 2019

Savannah lays down the ground rules for Chase. Now that they have to support themselves, he has to pay 50/50 for house expenses! Chase enlists the help of his bff Elliot to make some cash, while Savannah tries to decompress from her work stresses.

Pony Up

Chase tries to butter up Savannah by making her breakfast, but his omelet skills just aren’t up to par. Savannah tells him they have to split living costs, $2000 a month! Chase asks Elliot to help him come up with a plan of attack. Elliot’s first suggestion of bathing the elderly gets a hard pass from Chase, and his second idea to create a mood board, also won’t cut it. The two amigos run into an Instagram model in the park who tells them they can rent out spaces for money. Chase decides to list Savannah’s house -- he can get paid to have models around! Chase takes pictures of Elliot in the house to up the chance of them booking a client. Knowing Savannah will never allow it, Chase brings in the big guns (Todd) to keep her distracted.

Stress Effect 

Savannah’s new job is coming in hot! The amount of e-mails she’s receiving is really starting to stress her out and she’s nervous! Chase stops Savannah from stress eating every bag of chips in the house and calls Todd to come help her out. Chase knows Todd will be able to keep Savannah occupied while also calming her down. Todd’s first stop is taking Savannah to get micro needling done -- apparently needles to the face is quite soothing. After the procedure, Savannah gets ANOTHER e-mail asking her to come into the office for a meeting. There’s only one big problem -- her face is bright red from the treatment, and she can’t put on makeup! Savannah buys a new outfit, puts her big girl pants on and decides to go into the office as she is.


Chase’s plan to rent out the house goes surprisingly well -- he has a client! An Instagram model and her posse rearrange Savannah’s furniture (and pictures of Todd) in order to get the right shot. She even puts on Savannah’s jacket! Savannah decides to stop home before her big meeting, only to find Chases’set up. Savannah makes the model finish up early, but Chase still gets paid! Turns out Chase made bank renting out the house and can afford to pay Savannah the $2000 -- plus extra for emotional damage.

Todd gives Savannah a pep talk about how she has to love herself! He also insists she call him when she’s having a tough time instead of stress eating. Savannah keeps her reign as the golden child!