Say Goodbye to Hollywood
S1 episode 8 Aired on May 21, 2019

Todd’s three-month time limit is coming to an end; it’s time for Chase and Savannah to leave their L.A crib! Savannah is ready to move back to Nashville, but Sassy might require her to stay in L.A. Chase believes if he remains in L.A he’ll get a big film -- Savannah reminds him he doesn’t have the jawline!

The Pressure is On 

Chase’s last week of acting class goes out with a bang! Chase and his classmates are tasked with putting on a showcase for an actual audience. Agents and managers will be at the performance – this is a BFD! Chase gets assigned to a group of three, which includes his “friend” (wink, wink) Shayla. Chase is worried about memorizing his lines -- after all there are TWO whole pages. Regardless of their rehearsal sessions, Chase can’t seem to remember any of his lines. The role of a husband who gets cheated on just doesn’t come easy to him. The more he practices, the worse he gets!

Stressed Out

Savannah has been working hard and needs to relax so Daniel takes her to another L.A staple -- a floating tank! Savannah is too stressed to enjoy the experience. She confides in Daniel that she doesn’t want to leave her brand behind, but she’s anxious to stay in L.A. As much as she loves Cali, Savannah’s heart is still in Nashville -- that’s where her friends and family are! To add to the stress, Savannah is certain Todd won’t pay for a place to live so must find an apartment on her own. To help get on top of things, Savannah and Daniel tour an apartment to see what supporting herself would look like -- it looks small, it’s too expensive, and has sounds of the highway. Savannah knows the living situation would be temporary until Sassy takes off and is willing to make the sacrifice.

Elliot to the Rescue 

Chase tells Elliot about his upcoming performance; he’s so nervous! Elliot insists he can help -- somehow, he identifies with Chase’s character. Elliot surprises Chase with a moving billboard with Chase’s face on it! The billboard has all of the information about the performance -- Elliot wants all of Hollywood to show up! Chase appreciates the gesture but thinks Elliot could have used a more flattering picture. The night of the performance, the audience is packed! Elliot is front and center -- he’s nervous like a stage mom! After all the prep, and Elliot’s help, Chase surprisingly nails it and confirms his love of acting. 

Stay Sassy

Savannah meets with her brand team and they unveil her new logo -- she loves it! The best part is that she did her own hair and makeup for the shoot, the photo is authentically Savannah. Savannah confirms that she is willing to do whatever it takes to make the company a success. Her team tells her that they will be meeting all over the country and that she doesn’t have to stay in L.A. As long as Savannah can make it to an airport, she can move back to Nashville. This means she can build her brand with her friends and her family!

After saying goodbye to their house -- and grabbing cardboard Nic -- Chase and Savannah touch down in Nashville! Julie is relieved to have the kids home, while Todd is left carrying the bags. This adventure opened the doors that Chase and Savannah needed for their future. This only means more adventures to come!