Starving Artists Unite
S1 episode 7 Aired on May 14, 2019

The clock is ticking on Chase and Savannah’s time in L.A, and Todd needs to know their progress. Chase is happy with his acting classes, and Savannah is confident in her business, but Todd reminds them that they still aren’t making money. If Chase and Savannah want to stay in L.A., they need to start paying rent!

Time to Hustle 

Chase tells Elliot that they need to get jobs to start paying rent if they want to stay in La La Land. Elliot remembers that he saw an advertisement for topless models and thinks they could totally do that! He overlooked the fact that the van actually said topless maids, and that he shouldn’t be doing anything topless. Chase’s idea is to drive a ride-share; they’re sure to make big tips! Even with Elliot riding shotgun (and a cell phone) they still can’t find their way around town. The two amigos don’t make any tips and only earn $40 (shocker). 

Get Sassy! 

Savannah and Daniel go to an antique shop to get inspo for Savannah’s fragrance line! While shopping, Savannah declares the name of her scent: Sassy! She says it’s the perfect word to describe her -- a little edge but still conservative. Savannah has her bottle envisioned, but now she needs an actual scent. Daniel accompanies her to a perfume-making class where they can blend their own fragrances. After smelling a ton of different combinations, Savannah thinks she found the perfect scent to be Sassy! Now she is one step closer to having an actual product to show Todd.

Job Take Two

Chase is committed to finding a job -- he’s even trying to write a resume! However, Chase realizes he doesn’t have any marketable skills, starting with his lack of knowledge of how to write a resume… Savannah tries to help Chase, but he’s not down with the traditional format. Trying to scout ideas, Chase asks around his acting class -- his classmates have multiple jobs! In fact, it seems like they’ve had every job, except for being an actor. Chase’s friend suggests he take his gig giving out snow cones at a kid’s birthday party. Even though it interferes with his tanning schedule, Chase takes the job and brings Elliot along. After a few attempts, Chase and Elliot finally figure out how to use the snow cone machine. Elliot loses at Rock Paper Scissors and has to dress up as the snow cone costume -- anything for the kids! Savannah and Daniel show up at the party to give a helping hand. They definitely did not expect to see Elliot dressed up like a snow cone…who knew snow cones even had a mascot? As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work, and Elliot and Chase earn good money! As Savannah is helping, the guests notice her smell and it’s a huge success! Now she has the confidence to continue with Sassy.

To celebrate their success, Savannah and Daniel surprise Elliot and Chase with a game of paint ball. Who says life has to be all work and no play? Savannah and Chase are still moving forward with their dreams!