Operation: Rescue Savannah
S1 episode 6 Aired on May 7, 2019

Chase and Savannah are settled in LA and realize they both have things they can work on. For Savannah, she feels like she lost her identity. She needs to know who she is before she can start a brand. Chase has his bromances in town but has absolutely no luck with the ladies. Savannah decides to go to a female retreat, while Chase tries his luck with dating apps.

Squad Deep

Chase’s friend Rondell comes to LA to join the crew -- having just Elliot around isn’t enough! The three amigos are tanning by the pool, when Rondell and Elliot start poking into Chase’s love life. Elliot is convinced that Chase needs to try out dating apps and Rondell agrees! Elliot, doing what he does best, provides quality entertainment by striking poses, covered in coconut oil. He says this is the kind of look Chase needs on his dating profile! Chase agrees to give dating a try but gives a hard pass on the dad bod pictures. 

Woman Power

While Todd is away, Savannah will play! She heads to a women’s empowerment retreat while Todd is at a real estate conference in San Diego. Savannah feels like her brand plans have derailed a bit and she wants to find her center. To prepare for her trip, she writes positive affirmations on the window (and doesn’t tell Todd about her trip since he’s out of town). Savannah wants to be the best version of herself before she launches her brand, and this retreat will help her do that. Once at the retreat, Savannah must surrender her cell phone, so she can really immerse herself in the program. If Savannah can get through giving up her phone, she can get through anything! 

Swipe Right

Chase’s first date is very nice, but a little too “peace love and veganism” for Chase’s liking -- they have nothing in common! Chase knows she’s not the one and questions why Rondell matched them. While in acting class, Chase’s friend Shayla asks him if he would like to get together after class to practice lines. Chase meets up with Shayla at a mini-golf course and he is confused (classic) -- he didn’t see any golf in the script! Shayla says they can run lines after they have a good time. (Savannah is baffled that Chase doesn’t get that this is actually a date!) Chase enjoys their time together and he realizes that he and Shayla have a lot in common.

Todd to the Rescue

When Todd gets back from his conference he sees Savannah’s positive affirmation window and is convinced by Elliot she has joined a cult. Todd tries to call her, but she doesn’t answer -- he doesn’t know she gave up her phone! Todd is so desperate to find her that he enlists the help of Elliot (emphasis on ‘desperate’) to go save her. When they arrive at the location, they break into the property to rescue to Savannah. After being caught, Todd and Elliot are invited to join in on the fun. After some self-positivity training and yoga, Todd realizes his (Elliot’s) mistake! This is not a cult-- it is actually a really great, empowering experience.

Family Time 

Todd, Savannah and Chase decide to have a family movie night, but it wouldn’t be complete without Elliot. He did help “save” Savannah after all. Todd reminds him that they don’t share the same blood but allows him to stay. 

Now that Savannah and Chase are back on track, they can continue to pursue their dreams!