The Hollywood Hustle Hits Home
S1 episode 5 Aired on April 30, 2019

Savannah and Chase enlist their best friends to help them navigate their careers! Daniel and Elliot both have game plans, but are having trouble executing the routes. Chase and Savannah have to decide if mixing business with pleasure is the right move!

Ready, Set, Action! 

Elliot pulls the BFF card to convince Chase he can be his manager; after all, Chase is ready for his first gig! Savannah thinks it’s a terrible idea, but Chase goes with it. Elliot’s first matter of business, a demo reel -- according to him, headshots are so 2010! He dresses Chase up like James Dean and Ryan Gosling (insert eye roll) but forgets to record the entire thing (insert second eye roll). Elliot’s next plan of action is sitting around a trendy restaurant hoping someone discovers Chase. That obviously doesn’t work, and Chase insists that he needs actual auditions.

Man Overboard

Daniel takes Savannah to another LA staple -- paddleboard yoga! After a failed attempt at athleticism, Daniel takes a tumble into the water. The two head back to land to discuss Savannah’s company. Daniel suggests she create a brand book and she agrees. With Daniel at the helm, what could possibly go wrong? It’s going to be modest yet fierce!

Lights Are on, Nobody’s Home

Savannah and Chase are hangin’ in their house, playing ping pong when they get ANOTHER guest! It’s Todd! Todd needs to make sure his kids are on track. His first impressions aren’t so promising -- he thinks it’s ridiculous that Elliot is Chase’s manager! On top of that, he thinks the cardboard cut-out of Nic is freaky, and Savannah must have problems of her own. Chase and Savannah update their dad about how their careers are going, and they realize they have to step it up!

Diamond of Trust

Chase is frustrated with Elliot’s lack of management skills, and the fact Elliot can’t actually pronounce management. Elliot says that Chase’s problem is that he isn’t acting like a star; he isn’t even wearing sunglasses… Chase needs Elliot to act like a manager and actually book him auditions. The industry is cut-throat! Elliot gets Chase an audition as an extra. However, it takes EXTRA long for Chase to be called in, and turns out, they don’t even need him! He still gets paid -- which Elliot considers a victory -- but Chase is bummed. He wants to be in front of the camera, growing and learning! For his next try, Elliot sets up Chase for a “top secret” audition. The casting agent takes pictures of Chase but reveals there are no lines. When Chase asks about the role, he’s told it’s an audition to be Ellen’s stand in! Chase is furious and decides that this is the last straw for Elliot.

Leather in the Dessert

Daniel plans an upscale photo shoot to start Savannah’s brand book. Todd gets into his “helicopter parent” mode and comes along. To his dismay, Savannah gets out of her trailer in a leather and metallic outfit -- not very wholesome in his opinion! Savannah isn’t really comfortable in it either but goes along with the plan, the outfit, and the props. Todd tries to control the situation -- he didn’t raise his daughter to put bones in her mouth!

You’re Fired!

Savannah and Chase catch up about their career woes. Savannah almost chokes on her waffles laughing when she hears about the Ellen gig! The two decide their best friends are better as best friends than they are as managers, so Chase fires Elliot, and Savannah fires Daniel. Todd is proud of his kids for stepping in the right direction and staying true to themselves!

Now that Chase and Savannah have proven their dedication to their careers, they must continue to fight for their dreams!