Braveheart & Beauty Shots
S1 episode 4 Aired on April 23, 2019

Grab a green juice because Chase and Savannah are making moves in L.A. Now they have their partners in crime -- Daniel and Elliot! Daniel tries to rebrand Savannah’s social media presence while Chase’s best friend Elliot shows up (kind of unannounced…) and helps him with his acting. 

Ready, Set, Action! 

Chase is actually sticking with acting class (slow clap)! While rehearsing his monologue, his teacher instructs him to do it with a Scottish accent -- the only problem is Chase doesn’t know what a Scottish person sounds like. Chase’s first attempt is laughable so he decides he is going to practice! Elliot decides to help Chase so naturally they dress up in plaid table cloths (???) and war paint and use golf clubs as swords. Chase says there’s no better way to practice than with scotch and lines from Braveheart. Savannah doesn’t quite get the role-playing. She is mad at Chase for not taking L.A seriously. After a few failed attempts, Chase decides it’s more important to deliver his monologue with emotion than it is to nail the accent!

Social Media Police

Daniel calls out Savannah for posting all of her pictures with Nic, but she’s just so in love! As cute as that is, Daniel wants Savannah to add another layer. Not another edited layer, but another layer of herself. If she wants to promote a beauty line she has to step up her game and show off her looks. Daniel is convinced Savannah needs more followers -- gotta let the peeps know that she is here in Hollywood!

For the Followers

Daniel takes pictures of Savannah in front of classic Cali scenery so that she has more to post on social media. It’s all about the followers baby! Savannah is skeptical of Daniel’s plan and doesn’t think the pictures are that good. Plus, she gets bombarded with pigeons and sand gets everywhere! After their failed photo shoot, Savannah drives Daniel around in his (rented) sports car. Their next attempt at Insta-fame is an instant-fail. They drive up to the Hollywood sign, only to get escorted down by security for getting too close! But hey, going to jail is one way to get followers.

Work Hard or Go Home

Todd pulls some strings and gets Savannah in with real branding experts! Savannah shares her vision, and they think they can help her. The only catch is it will take nice months to a year! Savannah is committed to her goal and willing to do what it takes.  

Brotherly Love

Chase and Elliot make (or buy) Savannah her favorite meal as an apology for their shenanigans. Chase also apologizes for inviting Elliot to stay without giving her a heads-up. To make up for it, Chase gives Savannah a cardboard cutout of Nic so she has her own house guest.

Elliot makes a note that there will be more apologies to come and this is just the beginning of their adventure!