Welcome to LA LA Land
S1 episode 3 Aired on April 16, 2019

Chase, Savannah, and Nanny Faye finally arrive in L.A! Now the real adventure begins.

Welcome to My Crib

Chase and Savannah tour their new L.A. digs (Todd must really love them)! As soon as they finish drooling over the pool, they start fighting about who gets the master bedroom. One thing is certain, Nanny Faye will be sleeping in there until she leaves. After Faye departs, Chase does the mature thing and gives Savannah the master -- she needs all the closet space she can get! Chase’s maturity soon fades when Savannah tries to establish house rules (insert fart sound effect).

Friends in High Places

Savannah meets up with Daniel, her friend from the pageant circuit, for a hike to talk about her new brand. Daniel is confident he can make her a star! First things first, and before they can get to business, they have to touch base about Savannah’s beau – Nic Kerdiles! Savannah proclaims that she’s never been more in love with a human being than she is with him. Aw!

Chasing the Dream

Chase enrolls in an acting class to get his career started! Between the chanting and humming, the class isn’t exactly what Chase envisioned -- a little too much “namaste” for his liking. He’s then told the chanting is to get rid of his ego! In a face-to-face exercise, Chase is overwhelmed with emotion -- the emotion of his partner. Chase tries another acting class, which is just another “flavor of weird.” Take three, Chase signs up for ANOTHER class that feels more natural to him! It’s officially his start to becoming an actor.

The Flood Gates Have Opened 

Chase and Savannah’s bickering continues in the house -- both have different feelings about the nutritional value of cheese puffs and the necessity of pool floaties. When Chase (or Savannah) floods the toilet, the debate continues as to whose job it is to clean up the mess! Chase finally unclogs the toilet -- someone get him a beer. 


Savannah is FaceTiming with her man Nic when there’s a ring at the door. It isn’t Girl Scout cookies; it’s Nic surprising her! The happy couple goes to a cake decorating class, where he tries to convince her to get a dog. Like all good cake classes, it ends in a classic food fight!

With Nic getting traded to Winnipeg, Savannah will have to deal with Chase as a roomie. Now that they’re in L.A., they are one step closer to achieving their dreams!