Chase & Savannah Fly the Nest
S1 episode 1 Aired on April 2, 2019

It’s time for Chase and Savannah to spread their wings and take on the real world! Todd tries to help by signing them up for real estate classes, only to learn that they don’t share his same passion. Chase and Savannah must convince Todd that leaving Nashville is the best way to follow their dreams! But the self-proclaimed “king of real estate” doesn’t buy it and won’t go down without a fight. 

Brunch Bunch

Savannah and Chase meet with Nanny Faye to talk about their futures. Savannah brings up moving to a new city so they can explore their options. Chase wants to “let his wings fly!” Faye is thrilled at the possibility of them moving to Los Angeles -- because it’s close to Las Vegas. However, she warms them they need a plan or else Todd will never let them leave Nashville. Just like she has a plan to shoot Todd if he ever puts her in a nursing home, Faye will take prison over Shady Pines any day! 

Faye Spills the Tea

Todd is driving Julie and Faye around expressing his disapproval of Chase and Savannah’s choices. He wants them to start raking in their own dough. Todd knows something is up, and grills Faye until she lets it slip that Chase and Savannah want to go to L.A. Faye says it’s no big deal considering Todd stole her credit card at the age of 18 to move to Hollywood. Todd is not a happy camper and says the only way they’re going is over his dead body.

The Convincing Begins!

Savannah takes Todd shopping to try and butter him up before telling him about L.A. Her plan backfires when Todd finds out she and Chase haven’t been going to the real estate class he set up for them. Savannah decides it’s best not to bring up L.A. while Todd is feelin’ feisty.

Chase and Savannah invite Todd and Julie over so they can try AGAIN to break the news (shout out to Savannah’s cheese board). Todd immediately tells his kids that he already knows about their scheme and doesn’t approve. Julie reminds them that they’ll need a job and a plan. Savannah explains she’s going to focus on cosmetics and fragrance. Chase then says he wants to be an actor. Julie seems to be supportive, but Todd’s opinion doesn’t change.

In a Hail Mary attempt to convince their father of their move, Savannah and Chase bring Todd to a spa and tell him to get whatever he wants! 

The decision is… 

The fam goes out to dinner so Todd can reveal his decision. The kids are given a 90-day trail to see how they manage in California. Todd also tells them that Nanny Faye will be accompanying them on the drive -- she already has a list of stops along the way!

Now buckle up, it’s time for a road trip!