Season 3 episodes

S3 EP13
No Old Tigers
With Martuun in prison and the gang war over, Briggs writes up a version of events that will tie up all the loose ends in one big bow that takes himself off the hook. But while the pragmatic Agent Logan is willing to put his personal feelings for Briggs aside and take the win, Mike’s nagging conscience won’t allow him to turn away from the truth, not with so many lives lost and Gusti waiting to take the fall for the Sarin.
S3 EP12
Dog Catches Car
Is Soto Street about to unleash a poisonous Sarin cloud on the Sarkissians? Mike sure thinks so, and he calls in the cavalry as he and Paige speed towards Tevan’s funeral hoping to avert disaster. Meanwhile, Johnny must keep his calm in a hail of gunfire as the Soto execution squad converges on the funeral home. It’s only thanks to his quick thinking and the late arrival of the FBI that they manage to avoid an all-out bloodbath. But Mike’s hunch about the Sarin soon proves incorrect, and frustration begins to mount when Briggs jumps in his car and speeds off to leave them without answers yet again.
S3 EP11
The Wires
Johnny wakes on the locker room floor to see the kind eyes of Theresa Arabuena, Javier’s mother and the true head of Soto Street, watching over him. It turns out that his beating at the hands of Javier and his cronies was an initiation – Johnny is officially a member of Soto Street now. But while Theresa can be affectionate to all of her surrogate sons, she rules the gang with an iron fist.
S3 EP10
Master Of Weak Ties
As Ari triumphantly receives the tattoos that will cement his place in the Sarkissian family power structure, a much less jubilant scene unfolds across town as Paige and her housemates cover up all traces of the bloody mess in their living room and make Toros’s death look like a suicide. It’s a desperate act designed to keep Briggs’s case afloat, but Mike has reached his limit with dead bodies and secrets, and he accuses Briggs of concealing an alternate agenda. The question is, what?
S3 EP9
Hand Of Glory
With Agent Logan his hostage and Ari frustrated at the news that Toros will undergo an initiation ceremony cementing his position as the heir apparent, Briggs walks a delicate line to keep his case afloat. As Briggs sees it, the only way to take down the Sarkissians will be to continue to play both sides. But does he have another plan up his sleeve? Mike seems to think so, but his fears are quickly dismissed by the rest of the team who chalk it up to a hazy head owing to his recent bout with addiction. Paige is prepared to stand by Toros’s side at his initiation, and Logan, for his part, is ready to endure brutal questioning if it means seeing the case through to the end. All that’s left is to let the scenario play out.
S3 EP8
Savior Complex
With the bust a failure and Briggs back in the hot seat with Toros and Ari, it looks like the Sarkissian case has gone completely to hell. But appearances can be deceiving. It turns out that Briggs was the one who tipped the Sarkissians to the bust in order to sell himself to them as something infinitely more valuable than hired muscle: an FBI informant on their payroll.
S3 EP7
Bon Voyage
Holed up in Madison’s room, Mike loses himself in a cloud of oxy smoke. But while the big picture may be getting blurry for Agent Warren, his friends back at Graceland haven’t lost sight of things, and they decide it might be time for an intervention.
S3 EP6
Shocked by the revelation of the sarin gas in Gusti’s trunk, Briggs pushes Mike to notify the bureau. But Mike isn’t ready to call it in – his vision led him here, and he wants to see this through to the end.
S3 EP5
Pinon Tree
With Colby dead and Martuun planning to hand over much of Ari’s territory to Toros Berbarian, it’s safe to say that Briggs’s plan to take down Ari has completely failed. To make matters worse, Logan is wants to pull the plug on the entire operation. Briggs digs in, ready to go to the ends of the earth to take down the Sarkissians and wash some of the blood from his hands. But with the rest of the Graceland team losing faith in Briggs and Ari ready to shoot him on sight, the path towards absolution seems murky at best.
S3 EP4
When Ari wakes with no recollection of how he ended up with a pipe through his windshield, blood on his clothes and an empty clip in his gun, Briggs must walk the unstable mobster through the events of the previous evening. Their search soon leads them to a gas station in the mountains, and a run in with Martuun Sarkissian and his right hand man, Toros Berbarian. It turns out that Martuun is on the hunt for Layla, who didn’t come home the night before. Layla’s recent car crash already has Martuun seeing red, and with little love lost between Toros and Ari, the situation quickly becomes tense.
S3 EP3
Sense Memory
Charlie heads to Miami with Amber in tow in order to track down a dealer with ties to Jermaine. But when it becomes clear that Amber knows a lot less than she let on, Charlie begins to think twice about their deal.
S3 EP1
With Graceland coming apart at the seams, Sid bides his time until he can finish what he began with Mike. It turns out, though, that the reports of Mike’s passing have been greatly exaggerated; Agent Warren is alive and mostly well, although his return from the grave will have to stay under wraps until the team can nail Sid. But with Paige crumbling under the weight of her guilt, Johnny trapped in service to Carlito and Charlie distracted by her hunt for the mysterious Brit that held her captive, the housemates may be too distracted to stand as a team against Sid before he picks them off one by one.
S3 EP2
Chester Cheeto
After hitting yet another dead end, Charlie begins to realize that her only shot at finding Jermaine may be to make a deal with Amber. However, the idea of working with a woman who nearly got her killed is putting a bad taste in Charlie’s mouth.