Season 1 episodes

S1 EP12
With the recorder missing and Briggs on the run, tensions finally come to a head at the house, but it isn’t until the truth of events are laid bare in front of the brass that the agents truly see just how far off the rails things have gone. Now, with a murder suspect in the wind and a mess on their hands, the higher ups make it clear that if Briggs isn’t found, Graceland will be shut down for good. And while Mike isn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet, with everyone questioning each other’s loyalties he may not have a team to fall back on.
S1 EP11
Happy Endings
The lies continue to fly as Mike and Briggs dance around each other during the investigation into Juan’s disappearance. The two agents soon realize that the job will be too tough to handle on their own, so while Briggs turns to Jakes for some cover, Mike enlists the helps of Paige, whose belief in Briggs’s innocence is waning by the minute.
S1 EP10
King's Castle
With a body at his feet and a bottle at his side, Briggs knows he must bury all traces of his long sought-after revenge. Little does he realize that the man he has killed isn’t Jangles, and that there is one piece of evidence out there that can still tie him to murder.
S1 EP9
Smoke Alarm
When Jangles makes a gruesome example out of one of Bello’s soldiers, the message is clear – war is coming. Bello preaches confidence from his new safe house, but the heavy artillery he brings in for his men tells a different story.
S1 EP8
Bag Man
While Bello’s business hums back to life with an infusion of Odin’s product, Mike and the FBI wait and watch for a slip up. Little do they realize that “Odin” is operating right under their noses, and working double time to stay one step ahead.
S1 EP7
Goodbye High
Cornered by Mike at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, Briggs gives the young rookie the whole truth: as a young agent, Briggs was kidnapped by the Kaza cartel and turned into a heroin junkie before being set free. It’s a massive revelation, one that could have devastating consequences not just for Briggs, but also for Graceland and the entire department.
S1 EP6
Hair of the Dog
Holed up in a strange apartment, Charlie deals with a double whammy from the heroin hangover and the guilt from Whistler’s death. Briggs does his best to nurse her back to health and, for the sake of her career, keep her off the grid, but when Charlie is called in to give her side of the Odin debacle she’s faced with an unthinkable choice that could send her tumbling to a new low.
S1 EP5
Briggs and Charlie slip back into former aliases for a meet with a mid level heroin dealer who has connections to a major trafficker known as Odin Rossi, but when Whistler makes a surprise appearance the agents worry that their cover may be compromised. The only way to be sure will be for Charlie to pay a visit to her former CI, but using Whistler leaves her with a guilty conscience.
S1 EP4
Pizza Box
When pharmaceutical-grade marijuana turns up in a low level street bust, Paige recruits Jakes and Johnny to investigate Ashika Pearl, a seductive hippie pot farmer who has a history with Graceland’s resident customs agent. Jakes warns that Ashika isn’t as peace and love as she seems, but when Johnny falls for her flirtation, he soon learns that this bohemian butterfly is actually a black widow.
S1 EP3
Heat Run
With Briggs's gun trained on Mike's head, it would appear the meet with Bello has gotten off to a bad start. Yet the move turns out to be a feint; Briggs has intuited that Bello smells a rat, and with some canny improvisation he and Mike manage to deflect suspicion from themselves to Bello's second in command. The brush with death leaves the young agent at once shaken, exhilarated, and more conflicted about his secret mission than before.
S1 EP2
Guadalajara Dog
In the wake of the Russian Shootings, Mike continues to find his footing at Graceland, but the more he settles in to his new life, the more the lines seem to blur. Case in point: a mandated psych evaluation turns out to be a cover for a meeting with Juan Badillo, Mike's control officer in the Briggs investigation. But while Mike is relieved to have some guidance, Juan in cagey with details, simply imploring Mike to "get closer." The question is, how?
S1 EP1
Every year, the top graduates from the FBI Academy move from their classrooms at Quantico to their first assignments in the real world. For Agent Mike Warren, the dream has always been a post in Washington D.C. But the powers that be have other plans, and the young rookie is soon packing his bags for Graceland, a palatial beachfront mansion in Southern California that has become a cross-departmental boarding house for top undercover agents in the FBI, DEA and ICE.