Hand Of Glory
S3 episode 9 Aired on August 20, 2015

With Agent Logan his hostage and Ari frustrated at the news that Toros will undergo an initiation ceremony cementing his position as the heir apparent, Briggs walks a delicate line to keep his case afloat.  As Briggs sees it, the only way to take down the Sarkissians will be to continue to play both sides.  But does he have another plan up his sleeve?  Mike seems to think so, but his fears are quickly dismissed by the rest of the team who chalk it up to a hazy head owing to his recent bout with addiction.  Paige is prepared to stand by Toros’s side at his initiation, and Logan, for his part, is ready to endure brutal questioning if it means seeing the case through to the end.  All that’s left is to let the scenario play out. 

At the same time, Charlie’s new plan to take down Germaine soon puts Jakes at the British money launderer’s side, learning his operation from the ground up. 

Meanwhile, Paige continues to get closer to Toros as he awaits his big moment, but Mike can’t shake the feeling that Briggs is trying to rig the game – and that it ends with Agent Logan’s death.  It doesn’t take long for Mike to play on Johnny’s own doubts, and they soon abandon their post watching Paige and Toros to find out just what Briggs is up to.  But is Mike finally a step ahead of Briggs, or have they just left Paige to fend for herself against the rest of the Sarkissian family?