Savior Complex
S3 episode 8 Aired on August 13, 2015

With the bust a failure and Briggs back in the hot seat with Toros and Ari, it looks like the Sarkissian case has gone completely to hell.  But appearances can be deceiving.  It turns out that Briggs was the one who tipped the Sarkissians to the bust in order to sell himself to them as something infinitely more valuable than hired muscle: an FBI informant on their payroll.

Of course, Logan is furious that Briggs has blown up the op, but he starts to see the logic in the play, even when Briggs asks him to offer up another agent to brutal questioning at the hands of Ari and Toros in order to make the story stick.  But is Briggs really putting it all on the line to see Logan’s case to the end…or is he pursuing a new agenda?

Elsewhere, Mike’s drug addiction could lead to big problems when he and Gustii are taken hostage by some meth heads who have an interest in the Sarin canister.

Meanwhile, Charlie softens towards Amber’s proposal to become a CI – that is, as long as she makes good on helping them take down Germaine.  But while Amber comes through in convincing the Wingates to set up a meeting with their elusive money launderer, things are not always as they seem…