S3 episode 6 Aired on July 30, 2015

Shocked by the revelation of the sarin gas in Gusti’s trunk, Briggs pushes Mike to notify the bureau.  But Mike isn’t ready to call it in – his vision led him here, and he wants to see this through to the end. 

So while Mike delves further into Gusti and Madison’s world, Briggs attends to his own affairs, continuing to stoke Ari’s anger while helping Paige establish herself as the new contact for the Sarkissians at their shipping company of choice.  With both agents under, they’ll be in prime position to take the Sarkissians down no matter who ascends to the head of the family.  However, Briggs starts to have second thoughts about putting Paige in such a dangerous position, especially when Toros takes a romantic liking to her. 

Elsewhere, Dale steps in to pose as Charlie’s money man for her meeting with the Florida drug manufacturers, but he may find himself out of his depth in the swamp. 

Meanwhile, Mike sets up a raid on Gusti and Madison to see if some time in lockup will get them talking about their contact for the sarin, and while Gusti proves too smart to break under the pressure, Mike spots a surprisingly familiar crack in Madison’s armor.  But while her weakness may be exploitable, it may also wind up dragging Mike down his own personal rabbit hole…