Pinon Tree
S3 episode 5 Aired on July 23, 2015

With Colby dead and Martuun planning to hand over much of Ari’s territory to Toros Berbarian, it’s safe to say that Briggs’s plan to take down Ari has completely failed.  To make matters worse, Logan is wants to pull the plug on the entire operation.  Briggs digs in, ready to go to the ends of the earth to take down the Sarkissians and wash some of the blood from his hands.  But with the rest of the Graceland team losing faith in Briggs and Ari ready to shoot him on sight, the path towards absolution seems murky at best. 

At the same time, Briggs calls in a favor from an unlikely place to help Johnny rescue Lucia from Carlito, while Mike’s drug addiction prompts him to steal from one of his roommates. 

Meanwhile, Mike’s hunt for the meaning of his vision leads him to an online black market deal involving the pickup of an undisclosed parcel from a shipping container in LA.  Mike thinks this may be the case he’s been waiting for, but when it turns out the mystery smuggler is just a harmless small-time thief, Mike starts to worry that his red bird may be a wild goose.