Sense Memory
S3 episode 3 Aired on July 9, 2015

Charlie heads to Miami with Amber in tow in order to track down a dealer with ties to Jermaine.  But when it becomes clear that Amber knows a lot less than she let on, Charlie begins to think twice about their deal. 

Back at home, Mike gets the call that Sid has been found dead, prompting the team to put the wheels in motion to finally bring the Solano case to an end.  However, with Lucia still in captivity, Johnny must remain under Carlito’s thumb, even if it means undermining his own friends. 

At the same time, Briggs tracks down Colby Moore, the previous agent working on the Sarkissian case. And quite contrary to Agent Logan’s report, Colby is not dying of stage four cancer; it turns out that working so close to Ari drove him to quit the bureau and go into hiding.  Now, Briggs wants Colby, and the rest of his Graceland housemates, to help put a complicated plan into motion to take Ari down for good.  But as Colby points out, Ari has a way of making even the best-laid plans go awry. 

Meanwhile, Mike nearly gets shot up during a raid on Carlito’s smuggling operation, causing Paige to cancel her plans to leave Graceland out of concern for his health.  And while Briggs isn’t pleased with Paige’s decision to stay, he can also see that Mike is a man who needs help.  Little do either of them realize just how far gone Mike really is…