Chester Cheeto
S3 episode 2 Aired on June 25, 2015

After hitting yet another dead end, Charlie begins to realize that her only shot at finding Jermaine may be to make a deal with Amber.  However, the idea of working with a woman who nearly got her killed is putting a bad taste in Charlie’s mouth. 

Charlie isn’t the only one forced to make the best of an unappealing situation.  As Johnny smuggles Sid south of the border, he makes a desperate play to enlist the dirty cop’s aid in freeing Lucia from Carlito.  

At the same time, Paige receives a commendation for her role in shutting down the sex trafficking ring, but the award only serves to remind her of the mistakes she made. 

Meanwhile, Briggs decides that if he can’t shut Ari Adamian down, then he’ll take him out.  With no cover team in place and no oversight, it will only be a matter of finding the right time to pull the trigger, despite the consequences.  However, when he learns that Ari has been secretly seeing Martuun Sarkissian’s daughter, Briggs begins to formulate a new plan.