No Old Tigers
S3 episode 13 Aired on September 17, 2015

With Martuun in prison and the gang war over, Briggs writes up a version of events that will tie up all the loose ends in one big bow that takes himself off the hook.  But while the pragmatic Agent Logan is willing to put his personal feelings for Briggs aside and take the win, Mike’s nagging conscience won’t allow him to turn away from the truth, not with so many lives lost and Gusti waiting to take the fall for the Sarin.  

Elsewhere, Jakes tries to keep reality at arm’s length as he continues to fall hard for Courtney, but Johnny warns him that their relationship can’t be built on a lie.  And when Mike refuses to sign off on Briggs’s report, his call for accountability will put the entire house on edge and force Jakes to make a choice between the life he wants and the life he has. 

Meanwhile, Briggs hunts for the one person who can bring his house of cards tumbling down – Ari.  The question is, once Briggs finds him, what does he plan on doing with him?  Briggs has no intention of going to jail, but then neither does Ari, and with Soto Street still looking to even the score, someone will end up with blood on their hands…