Dog Catches Car
S3 episode 12 Aired on September 10, 2015

Is Soto Street about to unleash a poisonous Sarin cloud on the Sarkissians?  Mike sure thinks so, and he calls in the cavalry as he and Paige speed towards Tevan’s funeral hoping to avert disaster.  Meanwhile, Johnny must keep his calm in a hail of gunfire as the Soto execution squad converges on the funeral home.  It’s only thanks to his quick thinking and the late arrival of the FBI that they manage to avoid an all-out bloodbath.  But Mike’s hunch about the Sarin soon proves incorrect, and frustration begins to mount when Briggs jumps in his car and speeds off to leave them without answers yet again.


 Across the country, DLJ Trust takes their first deposit from Germaine’s largest client.  With the money launderer’s network all but in Jakes’s control, the ATF gives Charlie the go ahead to take down Germaine.  But while it’s been a long road for Charlie, finally getting her man may not bring the peace of mind she had hoped for.  

At the same time, Jakes’s promise to skim money for Briggs leads to a speed bump in his newly flowering romance. 

Back home, Johnny and Paige confront Briggs about the secrets he’s been keeping, and their frustration soon leads to an act of violence.  But it’s Mike who has kept one step behind Briggs, and he soon learns that everything – the Sarkissian case, Colby’s death, Soto Street, Madison and Gusti, the Sarin – has been a precursor to one final devastating act.  The question is, can Mike stop it before it is too late?