The Wires
S3 episode 11 Aired on September 3, 2015

Johnny wakes on the locker room floor to see the kind eyes of Theresa Arabuena, Javier’s mother and the true head of Soto Street, watching over him.  It turns out that his beating at the hands of Javier and his cronies was an initiation – Johnny is officially a member of Soto Street now.  But while Theresa can be affectionate to all of her surrogate sons, she rules the gang with an iron fist. 

At the same time, Tevan Adamian finally succumbs to his illness, putting Martuun Sarkissian in a sentimental mood.  When Briggs warns that escalating tensions with Soto Street may make Tevan’s funeral a target, Martuun brokers a treaty with Theresa Arabuena.  However, peace doesn’t seem to fit into Briggs’s plans. 

Elsewhere, Charlie and Jakes kick the next phase of their plan into high gear, setting up a fake bank in order to lure Germaine’s customer network away.  With the bait in place, all that is left is for Jakes spring the trap, but stealing Germaine’s top client out from under his nose won’t be easy. 

Meanwhile, Mike tries to piece together Briggs’s manipulations, but the master plan remains elusive.  However, when Johnny reveals his growing suspicion that Briggs has a hand in stirring up tensions between Soto Street and the Sarkissians, the big picture starts to come into focus, and Mike begins to worry that Briggs may be pushing events towards a disaster of epic proportions…