Master Of Weak Ties
S3 episode 10 Aired on August 27, 2015

As Ari triumphantly receives the tattoos that will cement his place in the Sarkissian family power structure, a much less jubilant scene unfolds across town as Paige and her housemates cover up all traces of the bloody mess in their living room and make Toros’s death look like a suicide.  It’s a desperate act designed to keep Briggs’s case afloat, but Mike has reached his limit with dead bodies and secrets, and he accuses Briggs of concealing an alternate agenda.  The question is, what? 

Meanwhile, Charlie and Jakes implement a new plan to negate Germaine’s value to the ATF by stealing his customer network, and Jakes urges Charlie to come clean to Briggs about the baby.  Elsewhere, Mike enlists some aid from Charlie to help get Madison to rehab and push Gusti to reconsider the Sarin deal. 

At the same time, Ari’s news position brings new responsibilities – namely, playing politician with the network of gangbangers and criminals that make up the Sarkissian customer base.  But when Briggs’s actions inadvertently cause a skirmish between Ari and a local gang leader, he must turn to Johnny for help smoothing things over.  Is Briggs simply getting sloppy or, as Mike suspects, is this all a part of some secret master plan?  And if so, what is the end game?  Only time will tell, but when Johnny quickly gets in over his head, it becomes clear that whatever Briggs is up to will carry consequences…just maybe not for him.