S3 episode 1 Aired on June 25, 2015

With Graceland coming apart at the seams, Sid bides his time until he can finish what he began with Mike.  It turns out, though, that the reports of Mike’s passing have been greatly exaggerated; Agent Warren is alive and mostly well, although his return from the grave will have to stay under wraps until the team can nail Sid.  But with Paige crumbling under the weight of her guilt, Johnny trapped in service to Carlito and Charlie distracted by her hunt for the mysterious Brit that held her captive, the housemates may be too distracted to stand as a team against Sid before he picks them off one by one. 

At the same time, the recording of Juan Badillo’s murder falls into the hands of John Logan, a Special Agent on a mission to take down a family of Armenian arms dealers known as the Sarkissians.  Sensing opportunity, Logan offers Briggs a deal: go undercover with Sarkissian lieutenant Ari Adamian and the tape will be swept under the rug.  Refuse, and face the consequences.  Briggs has little choice but to go into the employ of the psychotic Ari, but he soon learns that the mission is riskier than he ever dreamed, and that his new commanding agent may have more planned than he is letting on. 

Meanwhile, tired of waiting for Sid to make the next move, Paige takes a gamble to draw the villainous LAPD officer out of his hole.  But while she is ready to lay it all on the line to atone for her mistakes, Paige may pay for her guilty conscience in blood when all is said and done.