S2 episode 9 Aired on August 13, 2014

Johnny arrives at the Solano homestead in Mexico, and as if being undercover in the family compound of a notorious drug cartel isn’t bad enough, he must prepare to pitch the FBI’s smuggling plan to the Solano patriarch while dealing with his growing feelings for Lucia and fending off the advances of a clearly smitten Carlito.  And when the unstable Solano scion’s suspicions are aroused, it puts Johnny in a dangerous position a very long way from home. 

Elsewhere, Charlie gets closer to Amber, but problems arise when the undercover agent learns that Amber’s wheelman is a criminal from a past case who won’t be happy to see her. 

Meanwhile, Mike does his best to protect the girls from inside the sex trafficker’s boarding house, but Sulla rules his roost like a brutal emperor lording over his personal harem, and when he objects to an outsider telling him how he can treat his possessions it leads to a shocking act of violence.