Los Malos
S2 episode 7 Aired on July 30, 2014

Dead certain that LAPD Gang Task Force leader Sid Markham is Carlito’s contact in the police department, Mike pays the dirty detective a courtesy call to let him know that he’s in his sights. 

But despite Mike’s threat, taking Markham down won’t just be easy.  So while Briggs goes undercover with the LAPD in order to work his way into Markham’s inner circle, Mike and Charlie trace Markham’s cash flow for a link to Solano. 

Elsewhere, Johnny looks in on Lucia in the hopes of getting a lead on Carlito, but two thugs waiting on a cache of guns turn the visit into a hostage situation.  At the same time, Paige fumes over Mike’s decision to allow the sex trafficking ring to keep operating.  But while she can’t shut them down, Paige refuses to sit idly by while they continue to do business. 

Meanwhile, Briggs tries to ingratiate himself with Markham’s team, but the street-wise detective is both crafty and cautious when it comes to outsiders.  The only way for Briggs to get close will be to prove himself on the job, but in order to do so, he may have to put himself in the line of fire…