The Unlucky One
S2 episode 6 Aired on July 23, 2014

The Solano case has officially come to a fiery end, and while Jessica prepares to return to DC for a victory lap, Mike keeps a dark secret – he’s holding Laurence in custody, hoping for anything that can point him in the direction of the leak that sabotaged the bust.  But while he knows Laurence has the answers he needs, he’s not quite sure how to get them from him.

Elsewhere, Paige infiltrates the sex trafficking ring’s brutal holding facility and spots a familiar face.  Little does she realize that Jakes has been arrested for violating his restraining order, and that she’s flying solo.

Meanwhile, when Jakes calls to be bailed out of prison, and it isn’t long until the rest of the house has pieced together Paige’s plight.  But with little to go on, the odds of finding Paige look grim, forcing Mike to turn to Briggs with a last resort – Laurence.  Now, in order to get the information they want, Mike may have to come down off the fence he’s been walking and do some very bad things.  The question is, just how far is Mike willing to go to save Paige?  And when opportunity presents itself, what is he willing to give up in order to breath fresh life into the Solano case?