Faith 7
S2 episode 13 Aired on September 10, 2014

Fighting desperately to hold on to his happy ending with Lucia, Johnny must take his asset-turned-lover back to her family compound in order to return the briefcase before her father realizes it is missing.  But Carlito has been watching, and he finally sees his moment to exact the revenge he has been plotting for so long.

Elsewhere, Charlie is held captive by Amber and her mysterious British colleague who seems to have a vested interest in finding out what Charlie knows, by any means necessary. 

At the same time, Paige’s conviction that Lena’s letter is part of Mike’s cover up has Jakes worried that his housemate’s investigation has become a dangerous fixation.

Meanwhile, Briggs rides south with Sid’s crew while Mike and the Deputy Director survey their movements.  With a team ready to take down both Sid and the Solano cartel, it would seem that Mike’s all-consuming quest is finally coming to an end – that is, until news of Charlie’s disappearance sends Briggs running after his lady love.

Now, with his targets on the precipice of slipping through his fingers once again, Mike makes a brash decision.  Little does he realize that Sid has been on to them the whole time, and when the crooked LAPD officer enacts a bloody plan to turn the tables, Mike will see his own obsession twisted against him.  And though Mike won’t give up on his goals so easily, with so many parties doggedly pursuing so many plans and no one willing to give an inch, someone is going to have to pay…